Why do I need an IT Strategy?

  • Identifies how IT generates business value

    An IT strategy correctly developed assists in defining how IT generates business value for the organization. In fact, the primary purpose of an IT Strategic Plan is to guide IT in a manner that generates this value.

  • Provides linkages between business goals and objectives and IT

    IT has proactively discovered and documented the core business drivers behind its activities.

  • Identifies required organizational capabilities

    Establishes a reality that IT is more proactively prepared to address business needs.

  • Optimizes IT channelling IT investments towards improved value propositions

    Organizations often tend to invest in too many technical platforms, too many redundant applications, point-to-point network structures, and ever replicating data. In many cases this results in higher than necessary IT costs.

  • Provides a basis of tactical decision making

    Strategic Plans provide foundational and institutional knowledge giving guidance into how tactical decisions should be made.

  • Provides the foundation for a responsive organization

    Through the planning process, IT becomes more aware, both implicitly and explicitly of what types of services the business community will need to support them.

  • In summary

    IT is central to all organisations and as such it's direction and efficiency directly influences the organizations achievements.
    The IT provision, strongly aligned to the principle business plan is key to reaching the goals of the plan.

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